Road Trip 2017 – Jasper & Banff National Parks

After a great visit, we left Vancouver Island early on the fourth day of our visit and took the ferry back to the Canadian mainland. Driving around the city of Vancouver, we headed northeast toward a town called Kamloops. It was our halfway point on the trip to Jasper National Park. We stayed at a small resort on the Lake Le Jeune shore and headed out the next morning toward the western gate into Jasper. The four hour ride there was so beautiful…almost like a preview of things to come.

At the first sighting of Mount Robson, we both gasped. Snow covered and so majestic!

Not far from there, was the gate to Jasper. This year, there is a special free pass to all Canadian parks because of the country’s 150 anniversary…so Happy Anniversary, Canada! We spent several days in Jasper and then took a day long trip down the Icefield Parkway into Banff National Park and a small side trip to Lake Louise. Wow. Just wow is all the words I have.

Please enjoy the photos of the wildlife and the scenery of this amazing area of Canada!

Louis, our boat tour guide on Lake Maligne in Jasper National Park


Enjoy the views and thanks for coming along on my road trip!

Next post is “Going-to-the-Sun” road in Glacier National Park…more beautiful mountains and amazing waterfalls. You can’t get away from them around here!