See the USA! Road trip plans

Summer of 2017 and a road trip all set to go. What could be better?

This whole story began in April…April 7th to be exact. 10:30 am, to be even more precise. I was informed that my job was the victim of a department reorganization and that my last day was…well, right that moment! And the truth is, I was so happy. I was free to spend my time traveling instead of working in a grey-walled cube. Money will definitely be an issue, but I am going to wing it and try working on the road and freelancing. “Have laptop, will travel.” Or “will take photos for food.” Whatever works! lol I may have to even depend on the kindness of strangers.

So, the idea for the road trip came from a friend needing a house sitter/pet sitter for ten days. They live in Nashville…about 6 hours from my home town of Greenville, SC. “Sure,” I said. “I’ve got the time.” Then, I thought… since I am already 300 miles from home, why not drive around for a while… say, 10,000 mile round-trip! (See how my mind works?) I called an old travel buddy of mine, Doris, and said “How would you like to go on an epic road trip?” She didn’t even ask where… just said “Yep!” and the trip was on.

So, on Monday morning, June 5th, we start out for our first stop… St. Louis, Missouri and the Archway to the West. A symbolic beginning to an exciting adventure.

Stay tuned and photos to come!


4 thoughts on “See the USA! Road trip plans”

    1. It has been so incredible! I would recommend everyone to get out and just go…see the country…meet the people. We have had a blast, so far. More photos and posts to come soon! So many photos, so little time to post!

    1. Excellent! The comment link is working! I need to download the photos from the camera to get to work on the blog…I have been lazy and just posting of facebook. But, the scenery here is so spectacular, I am having trouble stopping shooting! I promise to post soon!

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