Road Trip 2017 – Yellowstone National Park

We leave Kalispell, MT after an evening at the Moose Saloon –  eating delicious pizza and drinking many (too many!) Moose Drool Draft beers! If you ever find yourself in Kalispell, be sure to check out this place downtown. I loved it so much, I had to buy a hat! So, the next morning, we head into Bozeman, MT…a very hip little town! The downtown was thriving with a lot of young people and tourists. We chose to stay here because it was only 1 1/2 hours from the northern gates of Yellowstone.

Now, to really see Yellowstone National Park, you need at least a week. We were trying to do it in one day. That meant we had to sacrifice a lot of scenery. But, to me, Yellowstone’s real point of interest is the geothermal activity. So, that is what we concentrated on. And it was a full, full day of seeing the sights. From the Porcelain Pools to Old Faithful, we checked it all out.

Enjoy the photos and video!


Out where the buffalo roam.

Old Faithful video

Next, come along across Wyoming…from the Grand Tetons to Devil’s Tower!

Thanks for coming on the road with me!