Road Trip 2017 – Palouse: Paradise Found

It seemed like a long, long drive from Vernal, Utah to Colfax, Washington. A lot of the time was spent driving across the bottom of Idaho. (By the way, all these are brand new states for me!) To break up the trip a bit, we stopped in Twin Falls, ID and visited the Snake River Gorge and the Shoshone Falls State Park. It was an exciting little side trip. Then, we continued driving just past Boise into Oregon, were we spent the night. The next morning we took off for the Palouse region.

I am in love with the Palouse (pronounced “Pah-loose”) region of southeastern Washington state. It is a modest-sized agricultural area growing wheat and legumes.

That description is very true, but dry. It doesn’t begin to describe the unique allure of this area. I have been searching for a description that would begin to illustrate what you can see here. Imagine being out to sea. And imagine you are rolling in swells that threaten to swamp your boat. As far as the eye can see. Then imagine instead of water, it is grassland. Lush. Green. Grassland. New wheat that bends and dances with the ever-present wind. Lines and curves of crops wrapping in soft lines around rounded hills framed by an enormous sky of the most brilliant blue. The landscape is made up of graceful swells of green in the summer and gold in the fall. Add in the picturesque barns and farms and you get an idea that this area is a photographer’s paradise. But, it doesn’t give up it’s secrets easily. It makes you work for it. From early in the morning to late in the evening, you can see men and women loaded down with photography gear, rushing to the next site to capture the light that is critical for the perfect photo. And that is what this place offers…the dream of capturing the perfect image.┬áThe imagery captured here is very feminine and very sensual. The curves and lines are reminiscent of reclining females…dressed in green and brown velvet gowns. But, instead of trying to describe it, here are some (quite a few, actually) of the photos I took in my day of shooting. (Side note: if you ever saw the 1992 movie “Toys” with Robin Williams, you will remember the grassland scene. That was shot in the Palouse area.)

Next stop is Portland and the Pacific coast!

Enjoy and thanks for coming with me on this trip.