Road Trip 2017 – We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

We leave Goodland, Kansas early on Wednesday morning and in a very short time, we have crossed over into Colorado.

Coming into Colorado from this direction, it is surprisingly flat with just undulating hills the closer you drive into Denver. But, if you look very closely just off in the far distance, you catch a glimpse of a snow-covered Pike’s Peak. And suddenly, the mountains loom over you.

We leave the interstate and take the winding road into Estes Park. The town, itself, is a high-end village made for skiers, hikers and the generally well-to-do. We managed to find a wonderful wooded cabin for rent for one night and blew 3 nights budget on it. But, the scenery was worth every penny.

I will stop telling the story and let the photos speak for themselves. I don’t say this often, but these are some of the best photos I have ever taken. Of course, you could drop your camera and still get a great photo here!


4 thoughts on “Road Trip 2017 – We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

  1. I take a trip vicariously with each set of pictures. They are amazing. This is, I’m sure, a trip of a lifetime and I’m so glad you have shared it with all of us. Really good camerawork, too.

    1. Thank you so much! It has been a fantastic trip and I am still going strong! Won’t go back home until the money runs out! lol Thanks for coming along!

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