Road Trip 2017 – Nashville: Not just for country music

Nashville is an amazing place to visit. There is so much to do. So much to see. Even if you aren’t a country western fan. But music is at its heart and soul. On any given night, there are concerts being performed all over the city. From large stadium concerts to small coffee house venues, music is everywhere. And whiskey. Whiskey is everywhere, too.

Loved the font treatment on this billboard

But in case you think that is all to do here, just you wait.

As an art lover, there are several major sources to get your art fix. I took myself downtown earlier in the week to visit Hatch Show Prints, a part of the Country Music Hall of Fame. This print shop is the longest operating shop in the country…since the mid 1800’s. They still print using the same wooden blocks and letterpresses that have been used for over a century. It was a fascinating look at a business that flowed with the demand of the time. They still print commemorative concert art for venues around the country. Great stuff for a graphic geek!

Hatch Show Prints


Saturday morning, we continued our search for art by starting at the Parthenon…an incongruous building set in a beautiful park in downtown Nashville. Yep. The Parthenon. Just like in Greece. Inside was a wonderful collection of paintings and photographs. Upstairs, inside the main structure, stood the largest indoor sculpture in the world. I just call her the “Gold Lady.”

Parthenon in the park
Golden Lady in Parthenon

After wandering around there, we headed toward downtown to the Frist Gallery. This is a spectacular art deco building that was formerly the post office. You have to see the metal work inside to appreciate it! We were also fortunate enough to stumble upon a wonderful collection of modern American art.

“Anxious American”

On our final night in Nashville, we went to a dazzling light display at the fairgrounds from China. These creatures, flowers, etc. came alive within the frame work of the structures. And, we had the added bonus of having arrived just after the evening thunderstorm so there were not only the lights, but the reflections in the puddles. Great photo op!


These bottles filled with colored fluid were the color in the lions

We start our road trip west on Monday morning… Next stop – Kansas!


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  1. I just visited Nashville in April with a friend. We have a mutual friend who lives there and we really got the grand tour! I LOVED Nashville and wouldn’t mind going back. One of the places we got to see that we probably not have if not for our friend having a membership was the botanical garden .. I forget the name of it. Anyway, such a green place and the people … oh, the people are sooooo nice there!

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